Raiding in Tombstone, like everything else, is designed to require creativity and strategy. Every base is a puzzle to solve. Is there loot behind this door, or is it rigged to explode? Changes have been made both for raiders and defenders to achieve a balanced approach to this goal.

For base defenders:
  • Bases are much stronger while online (see "Base Building")
  • Twig raiding and ladders have been disabled
  • Booby traps can be placed on doors and loot boxes (see "Commands")
  • Logs are kept for doors and loot boxes that players can inspect (vip or higher rank required)

For raiders:
  • Bases are weaker for players that have been offline for a long time (see "Base Building")
  • Door locks can be bypassed and if successful, accessed for a preset period of time
  • SAM sites have been removed, allowing for air support during raids
  • Inspection of locked loot containers to focus lock bypass efforts (elite or higher rank required)