You want that M249 on someone's back? Getting the jump on them and putting them down won't do any longer. They'll just respawn back at base with all their stuff intact. Creativity, stealth and strategy - these are the tools of the Tombstone Outlaw.

Direct killing makes the other player's corpse unlootable, but if they die any other way (including suicide), their stuff is up for grabs. Kite a bear, set up a trap base, or hide a landmine in a field of pumpkins. Make your attacks part of the environment. Think James Bond meets Kevin McCallister.

Tombstone will also feature PvP events in the near future. Even then, the rewards will be RP or in-game items, not loot from other players.

KoS is acceptable in certain situations:

  • Stopping someone from getting loot you want (e.g. heli crash or supply drops, but once they have it, you'll have to try something else)
  • Base defense, raiding and counter raiding
  • Scheduled server events

Outside of this, consider yourself warned... if you insist on KoS, you'll have to answer to the Sheriffs. We may Slap you around, send you to Jail, or put a Bounty on your head. Keep it up, and we may even run you out of town for good. The west is wild, but the law is not.