PvE in Tombstone isn't about protecting you from dying. It's about making the environment a challenge to play against. The occasional bear or wolf isn't the only danger roaming the digital hills of Tombstone. Our philosophy is: if you are going to play against the environment, the environment gets to play against you.

Tombstone has many groups vying for control of strategic areas of the island:
  • Militia trying to escape the island by controlling the Airfield, Harbors and the Dome (for fuel)
  • Cobalt staff protecting infrastructure at the Power Plant, Water Treatment and Sewer Branch
  • Cobalt Special Forces snipers protecting the nukes at the Launch Site
  • Detention escapees trying to survive at the Junkyard, Gas Stations and Supermarkets
  • Island natives warring with everyone to reclaim their homeland

All of these groups will see you as a threat, so be careful when roaming the island. Also, in addition to direct conflicts, the tribal groups use stolen Cobalt technology to booby trap loot containers throughout the island. While gathering loot, be sure to listen for trap triggers!

Dying has significant consequences beyond vanilla Rust:
  • Items stored in your backpack will be lost.
  • Some knowledge gained in Woodcutting, Mining, Skinning, Acquisition and Crafting will be lost.
  • Successfully bypassed locks will be forgotten. (See ''Bypass Locks'' tab for details).

So sleep with one eye open. There's danger in them thar hills!