Plugin Changes

Astute players and other Rust admins may recognize some of the plugins we are using. Some of the plugins have been modified from their original, downloadable version to achieve additional functionality for Tombstone's build. Here are the changed plugins and a summary of the changes:

  • Booby Traps - Default functionality has everyone trip traps that were set, including the person who sets the trap. This made the traps useless for base defense, unless you put them in a completely unused portion of your base. Tombstone uses a modified version that won't trigger traps that are set for anyone that is authed on a nearby TC.
  • Restore Upon Death - Default functionality restores a player's inventory on any death event. Tombstone is configured to maintain the danger of dying in the world (losing your stuff) while discouraging KoS behavior. Player's items will only be restored if they are killed by another player, and only if they are not building blocked at the time. If you die while raiding someone's base, your stuff is fair game.
  • Slap - Default functionality moves slapped players around a small, random amount when they are slapped. Testing discovered this could easily kill players if they were slapped while in a confined space, even if the slap itself did not do that much damage. Tombstone removes the random move functionality.