Bypassing Locks

Tombstone is home to the only skill-based lock picking plugin for Rust. BypassLock is modeled after the code-breaking game Mastermind, where players attempt to guess a "code" of colored pins, receive feedback after each guess, and then adjust their next guess based on the feedback.


  • Players attempt to guess a randomly-generated bypass code not related to the actual code or key 
  • Works for key locks and code locks. Key locks have an electronic component in-game, as seen by the colored lights indicating whether the lock is unlocked or locked.
  • Players receive damage based on how far off their guess is from the bypass code.
  • Players cannot heal while guessing a bypass code.
  • Ending a bypass attempt unsuccessfully, whether manually or by timeout, sends the lock into a cooldown state. Restarting the process after cooldown generates a new bypass code.
  • Successful bypasses allow the player to use the door as normal for a period of time.
  • TC locks can be bypassed to access TC loot, but not to authorize on the TC.


  • /bpstart - start a bypass on the locked container or door you are looking at
  • /bpstop - stop all active bypasses, which will send in progress locks into cooldown
  • /bpg XXXX - guess a code on the lock you are looking at
  • /bplist - list all of your currently known locks and the state they are in
  • /bphelp - get a command list in-game

Starting a bypass:
To start a bypass, look at a locked door or container and type /bpstart in chat. Your ability to heal will be suspended and you will be informed of how long you have to guess the code.

Guessing a code:
Look at your lock target and type /bpg XXXX in chat, where XXXX is a 4 digit guess. You will receive feedback based on how close your guess is to the bypass code.

Understanding feedback:
Your guess is displayed back to you color coded to show how close each digit is to the corresponding digit of the bypass code. Red means that digit was two or more away from the correct digit. Yellow is one away, and Green means you have that digit correct. 0 and 9 are considered adjacent for feedback purposes, so if you guess 9 for a digit and the digit is 0, your 9 would be yellow. Guessing is also done in two stages, and you will not be shown Green digits until reach stage 2 by having all 4 digits be at least Yellow.

Feedback damage:
Damage is based on the color of your feedback and the stage you are in. Red & Yellow do damage (Red is worse), and Green (only in stage 2) will give a small bit of health back. Stage 2 guesses will double the damage for Red and Yellow. There is also a chance of a power surge, which will increase the overall damage done by a certain percentage. Healing is disabled while attempting to bypass a lock. If you are close to death and have to stop the bypass process, the lock will enter cooldown for a period of time.

Lock Cooldown
Locks can enter cooldown in four ways:

  1. The player's time expires during a bypass attempt
  2. The player's time expires on a successful bypass
  3. The player manually stops a bypass with /bpstop
  4. The player dies, sending all locks into cooldown

While in cooldown, a lock cannot be bypassed.

Successful bypasses

Bypasses are tracked in a separate data structure in server memory only. Restarting the server or the plugin will clear all bypass data. Players' lock authorization lists are not modified in any way. Players who determine a lock of theirs has been bypassed can remove the lock from the door and place it back, clearing all active bypasses.

Tool Cupboards
Locks on Tool Cupboards can be bypassed, but this will only give the hacker access to the TC inventory. They will not be able to authorize on the TC without knowing the actual lock code or having the lock key.

BypassLock does not currently work with Turret Lock or in-game key-card doors. Please report any other issues to Tombstone admins.