Base Building

So much of vanilla Rust is focused on farming sulfur to make explosives to blow into bases to steal sulfur to make explosives to blow into bases to... It's kind of a repetitive cycle. With the theme of creativity, stealth and strategy, base dynamics have been adjusted a bit.

With the adjustments below, online C4 raids make much less sense, especially against HQM bases. The focus is now on scanning loot containers for juicy hacking targets, hacking locks and avoiding traps, both vanilla traps and booby traps.
  • TCs are invulnerable. Only removing the foundation/floor they are on will destroy them.
  • Foundations take only 25% of the damage of all other building components.
  • Bases become much stronger the higher you upgrade the materials:
  • Twig takes 200% more damage, and Wood 50% more
  • Stone takes 9% less damage, Metal 23% less, and HQM 37% less

Doors are a huge weak point in vanilla Rust. If you have a door, there's no point in upgrading your walls to HQM. The strongest door is still weaker than a Metal wall. You can create door inception to try and counter that, but going through 15 doors just to get to your loot is annoying. In addition to material strength, doors have been strengthened to ~60-90% as strong as their wall and floor counterparts instead of 25-33% in vanilla. These values include the material upgrades above.
  • Wood doors have not changed
  • Single metal doors = 70% as strong as a stone wall, double metal doors = 60% stone wall
  • Garage doors = 70% metal wall, ladder hatches = 80% metal floor
  • Single armored doors = 90% HQM wall, double armored doors = 80% HQM wall

While bases for online players are much stronger, bases get progressively weaker the longer players are offline. For the first 48 hours, base strength is unchanged. After that, bases get weaker through the first week at then end of which they are approximately as strong as vanilla Rust values. Weakening continues through the second week, at the end of which bases take approximately 250% more damage than vanilla.