Tombstone Rust - Casual, slower paced PvP

Howdy, pardner! Tombstone aims to fill a void in the Rust play styles spectrum: combining PvE and PvP in a way that is enjoyable and challenging without feeling too artificial. Pure PvE servers are usually about building stuff and socializing. Killing and raiding are disabled outright, and the vast majority of the vanilla Rust environment is much too tame to be a challenge.

On the other hand, even "casual" PvP ends up being a shot to the head while just banging a rock against a tree. Dying every 5 minutes is not fun.

Some try to solve this with PvP zones. Step across a threshold and now you can kill each other. Outside of that everyone is a PvP immortal. This feels too artificial.

Why does everyone kill on sight (KoS) in Rust? To get loot or keep from losing loot*. With that in mind, Tombstone makes a simple, fundamental change to PvP in Rust:

Directly killing someone makes their corpse unlootable

Going toe to toe with another player certainly takes skill, but usually not a lot of creativity. In Tombstone, creativity, stealth and strategy win the day. 

Take a look around here to get a feel for our design choices. Or, come check us out directly in-game. If you do stop by, talk to Miss Kitty in the saloon. She'll take good care good care of ya.


*We realize that others KoS just to grief or troll. Don't worry, the Sheriffs will take care of those varmits!